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The small story of SÜK hot chocolates

Créatrice de l'entreprise Chocolats Chauds SÜK, Catherine Durand a su développer d'excellentes recettes de chocolats chauds.

Catherine Durand, singer songwriter, and founder of SÜK

SÜK is the story of a girl who didn't like coffee. But she LOOOOOVED chocolate. Hot chocolate, needless to say…
Every morning, a hot chocolate. I mean... Who doesn't want to get out of bed knowing that the first thing that will be there on the breakfast table is chocolate?

But... Realizing that finding a good quality and affordable hot chocolate was an impossible mission, she began to create in her own kitchen the best hot chocolates to embellish her mornings. Over the years and spicy experiments, Catherine has slowly but surely developed delicate and rich flavors to enhance her morning drink.

Listening only to her love of hot chocolate, and knowing that EVERYONE (!) loves chocolate, she created the SÜK hot chocolate mixes.

Available in 5 flavors (dark, milk, spicy, chai and mocha), SÜK hot chocolates are made with the highest quality ingredients: Barry Callebaut Swiss chocolate, Dutch cocoa powder, organic cane sugar and organic spices. No chemicals, no preservatives, no artificial flavors. Only natural ingredients.

Psssst… And hot chocolate is good all day long...!

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